Android App Doesn't Work until Opened

Yet again, my Android app had stopped working.

The app showed that the folders are completely blank (which is concerning...) and it's been stuck on 'Lima is running for uploading your medias' (great English btw...) for the past 3 days with no progress.

Today, finally, it started synching with the Lima and showing files. So that was a relief. Getting pretty sick of how incredibly terrible this purchase has been...

However, what I have noticed is that this thing won't do anything until I've opened the app. Pretty useless 'backup' of my phone photos if I have to think 'when did I last open Lima?' to ensure I'm saving my pictures and videos.

Is there something I'm missing, or is this normal for this app? If so, can we change that?

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Hi, Lima should be a service and start automatically

Without this the Lima is limitedly useful