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Mobile > Android > how to upload a complete folder to Lima (with the folder structure)

How to add a complete folder of data e.g. pictures to Lima on Android phone? (so that they are in the same folder name on lime again ?)

I now can only choose single files or several files and send them to lima, but they will all end up in the same folder in lima ?! This ends up in complete chaos. Please help !

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Dear Lima team,

I have the exact same question than Tom, and I believe this is a key feature which we are currently missing on Android: currently it's not possible to add a complete folder from Android to Lima. We can only add single files or several files.

A workaround is to manually create an empty folder on Lima and to add files in there, however this is not satisfying and this does not allow to upload the complete folder structure (sub-folders and sub-sub-folders).

Is this something considered for the next updates? I could not find a reference to this in the product roadmap (

Thanks a lot in advance for your help on this!