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App Ver. 1.4.2 and Android 8.1 - Lima unreachable


I'm running Android 8.1 on a Pixel with the app version of Lima 1.4.2 and have a problem.

The app regularly losses its connection to my lima classic. After starting the app it connects and start uploading files (pictures). It the after two to three minutes losses the connection and says "Lima unreachable". Only after a "forced stop" of the app, does it reconnect and then starts uploading again. Any explanation for what is happening? Or better a solution to stop the regular loss of the connection.

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Small mistake from my side. It should be -

Version 1.4.6

and not 1.4.2



I think mobile app is 1.4.2 and the windows desktop app is at 1.4.6?

But have the same problem. Keeps saying my Lima is unreachable while I am away from my home WiFi on my phone. But on my tablet it works OK. Something goofy...