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Background cycle files to offline cache for metadata generation

My understanding is that metadata generation only happens for files cached offline. During initial Lima loading it is unfeasible to use the setting to retain all files offline. Because of that the majority of pictures loaded do not have thumbnails. It is EXTREMELY difficult to use the android app to see what folders have thumbnails missing, use windows explorer to change a folder to keep offline cache, check the android app to see when all pictures have thumbnails, use windows explorer set the folder back to not retain offline cache, use the android app to find the next folder, etc, etc...

Please add a background worker that can automate this process. It should find files on Lima without thumbnail, cache it temporarily back on the computer, generate the thumbnail, remove the cached offline copy, and then move on.

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Hello Stephen,

we have planned working on this features under windows in a near future,

thank you for your feedback


I have had this problem since I have LIMA. This has not yet been solved for PC.

My iOS uploads now the thumbnails...

But it is impossible to get ONE single thumb of ANY of my uploaded JPGs in LIMA from my PC (w7)

I have reported issue: k3dhiq6p9z

Reporting issues and getting feedback also is too complex....

To add complexity. My last upload from my PC can be seen from my PC (no thumbs of course) but now from my iOS i search for the folder and see all the files I had previously (with thumbs) but not the recently added.

I have direct access, no rely... WHY DO I GET SUCH A DELAY/LACK OF PERFORMANCE?


Is that correct now?

The request dates from 9 months


Please, lima team make an answer for all platform and all lima users ?