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Backup at work: Ability to tunnel network traffic through HTTP(S) - PLEASE VOTE

For most of us working in corporate firms, the company firewall is blocking all "non-standard" internet trafic. Which means backing up our data with a second Lima is impossible. Being able to tunnel network traffic through HTTP(S) is a game changer for both Lima and it's customers, as this will encourage people to purchase a second devise and this makes your solution a complete replacement to your competitors for a typical customer like me.

Once this is implemented, you could then consider selling Lima bundles (a package of 1 Ultra Lima for home and 1 regular Lima for the office as backup).

Anyhow, keep up the good work guys and your perseverance, I know some backers are getting discouraged, but I remain ecstatic about your products, the upcoming functionalities and am totally in pair with your vision of personal data management.

Martin de Montigny

Lima on 7 devices - Os: Linux, Windows7 and Android

Original backer

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I agree, thats will be ideal to use HTTP(s)


That would be super. See my question at

Hot spot network