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Can not read data from sourcefile or sourcedisk

I copied some files from one computer to my Lima and when I try to download them using another computer, I get the message "Can not read data from sourcefile or sourcedisk". This all happens in the same network.

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Hello Peter,

Does your computer have time to upload the files entierely, or do you try to access them just after upload on Lima ?

Let some times to your first device to upload completely the files, then try to access them by another device, If it's still not work, ask the lima's team to help you !!

I wish you a great day !!


Hi Team!

I am facing the same issue here.

The files have been uploaded 2-3 weeks ago - and now no access possible.

I sent a diagnose report from my Lima byd7j1a4p1

Maybe someone could check? I do not use Lima often as I always face some sort of issue... But this time - I really need the files!




Hello Stuart,

You may ask the Lima's team for this.

[email protected]

They can check about this.. :)

Great day to you !!


They should have enough time: almost a week. I can see the files on my laptop, when I go to my Lima-drive, but not on my iPhone, when I open the app.