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Desktop App, provides a list of all files that LIMA thinks are not on LIma.

After the pending FINALLY got to zero, i went through the Lima:\ files and still found a large number of files that where grey or inaccessible, that the iPhone app through wee on some other device etc ... These files won;t open or play, so i have to replace them from the original (AGAIN).

There are over 23K files in my Lima collection (so far) and finding them is exceedingly slow. A report that told me what the files where would make it possible to write a bash or powershell script or even a simple xcopy to reply the missing / broken files ...

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Lucky you that you received your Lima. I was told mine will arrive by end of Sept.....guess what? It's October and it hasn't even been shipped yet. Lima ignored my inquiry on my order status.

What the hell does it take to get a definite answer from Lima?