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Error #17 install 2nd LIMA device with 5tb Seagate drive

I am trying to add another LIMA to my system. I have attached a new clean 5tb Seagate HD to my LIMA device and went through the setup twice. I keep getting an error" there was a problem when setting up your lima" ... Retry later... Error code #17

I have tried to reboot the router and switch and reattach both the 2nd lima device and drive and still get error code #17. I have na open a ticket with support, however, they have not responded at all for the past few days.

OS: latest patch version of Windows 10

Any help is appreciated.

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I am having the same error code 17 issue. Different external drive (WD 6tb mybook). I have unplugged replugged. Plugged directly into the router vs the switch. Adding an ultra to my system and I already had a black that works but no matter what I do is connected through a relay. I have a netgear orbi mesh system. I am going to try another drive. Have you found a resolution to this error code?



mon lima était endommagé.

j'ai eu un message me disant de la retourner à cette adresse.

mais je suis en France

le mieux est de faire un message à cette adresse [email protected]

Désinstallez s'il vous plaît l'application Lima de tous vos appareils,

et renvoyez-nous votre boîtier Lima dans son emballage d'origine, avec

tous ses accessoires, à l'adresse suivante :

Lima Technology Inc.

77 Boulevard Haussmann

75008 PARIS