Error: Dependency is not satisfiable: libjpeg-turbo8

Hi Lima,

I've watched the Lima Linux beta video. It mentions that there aren't any dependencies required other than Fuse. I am getting this error when trying to install the Lima application on Linux Mint LMDE2 (Debian based.)

Error: dependency is not satisfiable: libjpeg-turbo8

Is this part of Fuse that I need?

If so, how do I get Fuse, or get this dependency?


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Hello David,

Thanks for having reached us.

I think that you will find your answer on the README document found in the installation pack for Linux. You can read it by clicking here.

If it doesn't help you, please don't hesitate to get back to us.



The link in the Fedora instructions to 'RPMFIND' does return RPM for JPEG8 packages - but none of them are for Fedora.

Manually installing JPEG8 caused other applications that use later JPEG files to break and my install still did not find the JPEG8 dependency.


(former Fedora packager here)

Hi Robert,

Fedora switched to libjpeg-turbo but unfortunately does not provide a package for the (somewhat controversial) libjpeg v8 ABI, so the only option is to install a non-Fedora package that provides LIBJPEG_8.0. For example, this one.

which rebuilds fine on Fedora 26 and will co-exist peacefully with all the other official Fedora packages.

To verify dependencies:

  1. > rpm -qR lima | grep jpeg
  3. > rpm -q --whatprovides ''
  4. libjpeg8-8d-3.1.x86_64
  5. > rpm -q --provides libjpeg8
  8. libjpeg8 = 8d-3.1
  9. libjpeg8(x86-64) = 8d-3.1


I've just received my Lima Ultra and am currently trying to get it to run. I do have the same problem with the libjpeg-turbo8 dependency not met on debian 9 stable. It does seem to me that the libjpeg62-turbo is the up-to-date package (see: In my opinion, you should adjust the Lima package to use the newer version and not advise customers to build old packages themselves. In the meantime, could you build the libjpeg8 packages for the supported systems (deb, AUR, rpm) and make them available officially ( That would be nice. Thank you.