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explorer crash every time in windows 10

explorer.exe is crash regularity when when is using copy paste from the right button of the mouse.

What I can do for solution this problem?

thank you

Depósito con errores 116455306927, tipo 5

Nombre de evento: BEX64

Respuesta: No disponible

Identificador de archivo CAB: 0

Firma del problema:

P1: explorer.exe

P2: 10.0.15063.674

P3: d8364343

P4: ntdll.dll

P5: 10.0.15063.608

P6: 8274fd8b

P7: 00000000000aa020

P8: c0000409

P9: 000000000000000a


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Símbolo de análisis:

Nueva búsqueda de una solución: 0

Identificador de informe: 3b92407a-f9ea-42ce-9d21-f2f506a7d37a

Estado del informe: 268439552

Depósito con algoritmo hash: 04c6cfa49e2c7609db12ef07233524f0

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Probably the overlays problem that's not really solved yet. Not sure though form your error report. What I did was rename:

%appdata%\Lima\explorer\LimaOverlays.dll to something different. Should help for now but I guess you won't see the Lima overlays in explorer then...