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Access Lima from the Web

A Web client is planned in Lima’s software developments, to give you in the future the possibility to access and download your Lima files from a browser (e.g. without a Lima application). This is something we’re eagerly waiting to do, but we’re focused on stabilizing existing features for the moment.

You can follow the progress of the Web client by following its card on our product roadmap. https://meetlima.com/product-roadmap/#web-access-to-lima

We also plan to give you the possibility to share files to other people through a web link, so that they can download the file from your Lima. You can follow the progress of this feature here.


Update: the last feature described on this topic has been recently released. Click here to get more information.

Comments (17)


Indeed this one of the reasons I bought a Lima Ultra, so I could easily access files from my Chromebook


Really good idea, is there any web access already existing like Dropbox is providing for instance ?


What about through a WebDAV or something similar?