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Make Lima faster!

The community has identified that the Lima experience is sometimes too slow.

  • There are several symptoms associated to this:initial transfers to the Lima device are too long.
  • Impossible to open a HD file on mobile or watch a video in 3G/4G.
  • Lima gets disconnected a lot.
  • Thumbnails take too long to appear.

Note that connecting to your Lima device from outside your network depends on several factors: the quality of your connectivity at home, whether your Lima is in relay or not, and the quality of the Internet connection where you are.

Several improvements are planned:

A major issue is the initial import of a massive number of files. This will be improved with :

  1. Thunder sync, which enables you to accelerate the transfer of pending files.
  2. Plugging a pre-filled hard drive to Lima. You can follow the progress here.
  3. Importing a large amount of files to Lima rapidly by plugging the hard drive to your computer directly. You can follow the progress here.

A final issue is metadata generation, on which we’re also working.


The Lima team.

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I have been advised that I have 'files queued for upload' on two different Windows 10 computers. One has 3.08 GB and the other 14.0 GB (!) waiting and apparently neither upload to L:\ drive has progressed at all for the last 5 hours. What is going on?


I get an average transfer speed of 1.3MB/sec in my lan (both read and write) which seems ridiculous compared to the 5MB/sec downloading speed I get from the internet. I would expect a transfer rate of about 20MB/sec when connected to my router.

This slowness is AFAIK because of low processing power of the device, which has to encrypt and decrypt every single file. Since no upgrade can be done in the hardware, I doubt there are much place for improvement here. Then I suggest making encryption optional. I guess everyone loves security, but not at such a high cost of usability. An unencrypted HD in my house is still much more secure than an unencrypted file in dropbox.


Agreed. Or even better, buy a Lima Ultra! It has all the incredible features that were promised with the original Lima.

(Of course when the Ultra turns out to be as slow and/or bug-ridden as the original, you'll be able to buy the Lima-Ultra-Ultra-This-Time-We-Mean-It.)


I have an ultra and the performance is still atrocious.

Between draining my phones battery. Causing my phone to super heat

Slow performance, crashing all the time on my PC and having trouble recovering... I finally just gave up and switched to a Linux box running own cloud at my house. Works, doesn't crash every reboot, drain my phone etc.