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Multi-account > make Lima work for multiple users > Graceful multi-user support

I see that there are other topics on the need for some sort of Multi-User support for Lima. I noticed that they are locked for additional comments.

My suggestion is incremental approach to multi-user support. When a new device is connected to the Lima, and the User is prompted to back-up Pictures, allow for the user to specify a alternate folder name instead of everything going into the same "Mobile Flow" directory. These directories could all be hosted under "Mobile Flow", or the could be separate directories at the same level: "Mobile Flow Sue", "Mobile Flow Fred", "Mobile Flow Mom", etc

I agree that multi-user access control would be useful, but simply providing for multiple Pictures locations would be great convenience.

Thank you.


[by Daniel Mayer]

Hi there,

here would be a simple multi-user idea for lima:

Allow to create different accounts for the same lima and in the admin interface to select a folder or folders for each user to access and work in it. This solution would be great and i personally wouldn't need more multi-user functions, and i think also for the most users would be this solution great and enough.

I hope to get this update in the close future! :)

Thank you and best wishes!

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Really disappointed, and a disgrace I did trust the advertising I received in firsst place to have a more reliable in-house cloud space to save my stuff.

They should make it clear this is not allowed at all and I would have saved £250+ cost for a dual backup system, + £300 for 2 SDDs to connect!


I strongly agree with your comment.

I hoep they fix it but I don't really have a clue when..


I returned my 2 lima. This is they only way to handle it! :(