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hard drive 7TB cap


I was just reading into what hard drives I can use and saw this...

"Which storage capacity?

The minimum recommended size of the hard drive attached to Lima should be bigger than the storage spaces of all your devices combined. Lima is able to handle up to 7 TB of files. Lima will ultimately turn into your reference memory, so do not hesitate to think big! Once you have it, you have it forever.

If the 7TB limit is recommended for optimal performances, you won't be blocked if you add more than 7TB. We merely can't guarantee an optimal speed balance above this limit."

I wondered if that is still the case with lima ultra? and how much of a decrease in performance if I do go over it?

I have an 8TB ready to replace my 1GB hard drive when the update to replace the hard drive is out.

I will obviously eventually want to go bigger as I need it, what happened to the add as many hard drives you want that was stated in the Kickstarter?



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what is the point in this site if no one answers questions?


"what is the point in this site if no one answers questions?"

My thoughts exactly


In the old days when I was sysop on CompuServe, the point was for users to help each other in addition to what the product support people could do, but I guess Lima doesn't have the critical mass of users required to make this useful yet. Or so I'd like to think (Waiting for my 2 Limas, legacy and fancy). I help when I can here with general stuff, hopefully support will pony up a bit more or my products will just work like the nice lady in marketing said in the video...