How to use Lima connected HD for Time Machine > First steps for a solution

Hello everybody

Thanks @Tim Bouhour .

But in fact there is a solution in sight. The trick is to create a sparsebundle image on the Lima Volume. Once mounted you can tell mac OS sierra (via Terminal) to use this volume for Time Machine (here is the tutorial I used:

I tested it and it does work. Unfortunately there still is an issue: Every time you reboot your Mac the image (sparsebundle) has to be re-mounted manually. I'm trying hard to find a solution (most likely an apple script) to auto-mount the image when starting the Mac. If anyone has an idea she/he is more than welcome to share ...

Thanks, Pascal

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Not sure if it will work for mounting sparse bundles in this case, but I've successfully set up network mounts to remount when logging in by going to Users & Groups settings and Login Items and adding the image to that list.