Lima App on Macbook - anybody knows how to get version 1.4.6?

Hi there,

saw that several people are reporting the "core problem" on IOS, have the same on my second Macbook and for that reason i cannot check how Lima is working or not.

Support is off since yesterday and not coming back this week


So i think nobody is getting an answer.

What i want to try, the release notes are saying that there is a version 1.4.6 with improved stability, on the download page there is only 1.4.5, any ideas how to get the newer one?

thought maybe an older version would be good for a try too but was not able to find any.

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gosh… I regrade to buy this device.....


...hope somebody is responding and they support and fix the problems. Checked several tests out before and nearly none wrote about problems with the installation or device not working properly, was more about features the authors missed. One test wrote about a problem during installation and they wrote that the support was fast and great. That´s why i bought :-(