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Lima software still sucks after 2 years: file dates not preserved !

Hi Lima,

i was one of your early users 2 years ago; at that time the software was so buggy but it improved.

BUT there are still so huge bugs, and for me one of them is the incorrect timestamp of files on LiMA drive;

creation/modification dates are incorrect, not the ones of the original files.

And moreover file dates vary depending on which machines you access your device! For instance, having a new laptop, i installed LIMA and all the dates on the LIMA device appear as set to today!

And your export tool ("lima-export-v1.0.0") also sucks as it does not preserve original file dates! I've just tried it and all files are dating from today...

How is this possible 2 years after????

And reading the forum, i am not the only one to complain about this file date issue...

I use my Lima on Mac OSX, various versions.