Lima very slow (but online)

Hi there,

since a few days my lima is very very slow (between 1-150kb/s). It's online (relay), but very slow so I can't use it most of the time.

I can open for example small files like office/text-files but I can't open folders with a lot of pictures or big files.

Copying folders with 100 fotos needs 5 or 6 hours or more with a lot of error messages.

So my familie pictures are lost. That makes me very angry.

I had no problem using lima the last few months. Good and fast connection.

I already tried another router. no difference.

UPnP is aktiv.

Need held so I can save/rescue my fotos and files.

beste regards


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I have the same issues. I'm on a LAN & the transfer speed is average 1 Mbps, which is ridiculous. For my 220 GB of data, it's going to take ~ 3 days to transfer from L: to my local HDD. Seeing as how I am able to get 25 Mbps down on some sites through the internet, this is horrible. Can you please explain how you're going to fix this?