Make Lima use a range of ports so that backup Lima does not use relay

Make Lima use a range of network ports, instead of just one, so that backup Lima does not use relay and so that multible Limas and accounts can be used on same network without relaying ie. at max. speed.

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Very good idea but wouldn't solve the issue when the Internet provider enables only some port ranges (example with the Optic Fiber solution from French Internet provider FREE in case of ZMD area because the ports are split into four ranges across clients (see my post), the 25211 port couldn't be used and I could only used the ports between 32768 and 49151 . I guess your idea with a little bit more flexibility regarding the port selection would be a must.

Many thanks.


This is really an excellent idea, and would probably boost the sales of additional Lima Ultra's for many users.

Personally I was not aware of the port limitation but have port 25211 open for one Lima Ultra, but the second remain in relay state - what a shame.