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Hello everybody,

The Lima community has given several ideas in order to make the most of the hard drive connected to the Lima device: some of them have already been implemented, and others are also in the works. Many of those features are expected in the upcoming versions of the app:

  • Changing the hard drive connected to Lima. You can follow the progress here.
  • Plugging a pre-filled hard drive to Lima. You can follow the progress here.
  • Importing a large amount of files to Lima rapidly by plugging the hard drive to your computer directly. You can follow the progress here.
  • Accelerate the transfer of pending files through Thunder Sync. Follow the progress here.
  • Easily retrieve files from the hard drive connected to Lima (without having Lima installed). You can already do this with the experimental package, but an export tool is coming which you can follow here.

Other interesting features have been suggested but have not been planned in our development. The reason behind this is that they require a big amount of development work for an experience improvement that can already be achieved in another way.

  • Plugging several hard drives to a single Lima device to add storage: some of our users are already doing this by using a RAID solution.
  • Plugging several hard drives to a single Lima device to do replication: you can already do replication using 2 Lima devices with the back up plan.


The Lima Team.

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I believe they have acknowledged this issue and specifically stated the Ultra eliminates this "copy" issue. I haven't searched for it but I do recall reading about it.


I hope so, but the local cache issue is more of a software design issue than a hardware issue. I don't see how the new version resolves it. It likely clears the cache sooner, and so they may claim it "resolves" the issue of unavailable HD space for "lengthy" periods of time, but I doubt it does anything beyond that.


Still need to be able to have control over where Lima cache's its files prior to transfer. That'd make this whole problem go away.


I really think it is necessary to review the design of the software, it is a shame to release a product that is not finished, I am very disappointed by the operation of the product and this cache problem can not be solved otherwise than By the change of software approach.


Wrong Thread


I would know this as well if Lima can work with external docking station.