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media uploading to Lima slow


My Lima app (version 1.2.1(1) ) on iPhone IOS 10.1.1. run forever show uploading to Lima 232 left.

I am using my house wifi and even tried to run the lima app over night with attached power source but it does not help.

Any solution for this?

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Lima Blue(latest firmware)

Lima-app(ver 1.41),android

Very slow media upload even when power connected mobile phone in the same ip-address space as Lima Blue

(Lima Blue cable connected to Wifi-router,mobile device wifi-connect).Any assistance/Upgraded software?


Lucky you that you received your Lima. I was told mine will arrive by end of Sept.....guess what? It's October and it hasn't even been shipped yet. Lima ignored my inquiry on my order status.

What the hell does it take to get a definite answer from Lima?


@Ace: how are you connected to your Lima? Via relais or by Peer-to-peer (on my Mac it shows me in the app how I am connected)? Relais is slower than P2P. If possible you should try to switch to P2P (which won't work if you have a DS-Lite instead of full DS (=Double Stack, concerning IPv4/IPv6)).

See this post: