More support needed for FAQs and troubleshooting

Does anyone else have a problem that the HELP center link used for LIMA problems does not have a FAQ about crashes?

LIMA ultra crashed - and did not take it seriously so did not collect allthe steps or the crash number. Since then have rebooted a kazillion times - run as administrator and reloaded the software - nothing generates more than the something wrong notice, which as I said above take the user to a place where you can't look up crashes.


1) this seems an amazing lack in customer self-help options - why not take the user through what can be done and let those of us good at this do it?

2) another bit of missing information - what does the blinking blue light on the ultra mean? I'm wondering if this is a hardware issue?

3) why don't you put your serial numbers where people can easily find them? At this moment nothing on my computer opens since LIMA isn't recognized at all - why not on the device itself?