My desktop SSD is full


I've started transferring 300GB to my LIMA, and now I keep getting warnings that my desktop SSD is full. It seems that LIMA takes up space on my SSD (?) while transferering data from my archive stored one of my integrated HHD's. And it seems that that space will be free again when transfer is done. But the problem is that my computer is on it knees while that is happening an it takes lots of time.

So is there a work-around so that my SSD won't full every time I transfer big amounts of data? Should I install the LIMA application on a HHD (with plenty of free space) instead of the SSD with OS X system?

Kindest, Simon Klein-Knudsen

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Hey Simon,

Happy New Year!

Thanks for contacting us here.

Lima replaces the memory of all your devices by itself, so that each of them have exactly the same content at all time.

Safe at home, backed up.

Lima always have all your files, but our application can decide to put a temporary local copy on the local memories of your devices, to make you able to access them faster, without using your connection.

Lima detects what files you're using the most and automatically set them for offline viewing. This process is automatic.

That's why you can browse most of your files when you're offline, or decide to manually get a local copy by right clicking on a file and set it for offline viewing.

We'd kindly invite you to consult this section of our Help Center, to learn more about Lima's use.

Thanks so much for being a part of the Lima family!