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Option to keep Offline Data (DB, Cache) when uninstalling Lima app

After updating my Lima Windows app to 0.13 it stopped working ("core not running"). So as suggested somewhere here I uninstalled and reinstalled the app. It works fine now, but obviously during the uninstall all offline files were removed (there is a nice prompt saying so during uninstall).

Since I keep offline versions of ALL my files on this machine for backup purposes, I now have to download them all again from Lima. This is generally annoying but especially since downlading 150 GB currently takes more than 24 hours..

Couldn't you add an option to keep the entire database when uninstalling? Or would this go against the purpose of uninstalling and reinstalling?

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Hello Markus,

thank you for your feedback,

we are considering the hidden impacts of the feature,



my core is also not running anymore. Any way to safe my (not yet uploaded) offline files when unistalling and installing lima again?