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Support for HiDPI Displays

I'm using Lima v0.11 on Win10x64 with no problems so far, Lenovo T450 has 157dpi. Due to scaling of system UI to 150% by Windows, the Lima application window and its elements get quite small. So I'd love to see Lima support such displays as they also become more and more common. Or did you guys intend to only provide this kind of small minimalist app?

Don't know how OSX handles the application.

Keep up the good work!

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This is really important!

I'm running Lima on the XPS 15 from Dell (9530) and my resolution is 3200x1800 and the Lima app is almost unusable due to how small it is.



we are working on this issue, there is currently a workaround by setting an environment variable add relaunch the Lima application,

the environment variable QT_DEVICE_PIXEL_RATIO=2, we are working on the integration in the application,

the main difficulty for us is to have a correct detection of this case, with no impact for those with are happy with their definition.

OSX has the retina concept which make sure everything is readable even with very high dpi,




How do I do that? Does it affect other software? The App (v 1.2.0) is hardly usable at the moment. And most of my other software is scaling correctly nowadays. Thx.