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Support for media streaming - UPNP or DLNA

Thanks to Lima I now have a 1 TB networked hard drive with lots of media in it. I (naively) assumed Lima would support media streaming.

It seemed so obvious that I didn't bother checking before giving Lima my money! So, how about it, support for streaming media - UPNP or DLNA?

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@Travis, I merged your topic with this one because it is the feature you need to use Lima with Kodi

Regarding required development, it is about the same as for webdav etc: it requires somehow making the files tree accessible by the Lima itself, so it is blocked in line behind several things this depends on. So, not very short term, but since many features people want depend on this we will certainly prioritize it at some point

So basically: if you want this feature, upvote this thread!

(In your case there is probably another way that could work for you, which is if we release a Linux client that supports the Raspberry Pi. You could then mount a Lima drive directly on the Pi.)

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I also have this first version, and it seams Lima is just letting us down here, no more Lima for me ...


Dear Lima,

when so many leading tech companies are focused on providing their customer an awesome experience, you seem to be more intent on marketing. There never seems to be a shortage of LIMA Blogs and attending Tech events. Maybe you could spend more time and your backers money (mine too) on the features they are asking for.


Like OP, I'm very, very disappointed by the lack of UPnP/DLNA streaming support. (Lima on Android can only share an individual music file to Bubble UPnP player, one at a time, and playing the file then requires downloading the file first.) That's just unacceptable from the user experience point of view.