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Compatibility > Support for media streaming - UPNP or DLNA (ex: Kodi, Plex, Sonos, PlayStation...)

Thanks to Lima I now have a 1 TB networked hard drive with lots of media in it. I (naively) assumed Lima would support media streaming.

So, how about it, support for streaming media - UPNP or DLNA?

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no - at the Moment just via Windows/Mac Client or the App on your Smartphone...

Videos/Photos/Music can also be accessed by Chromestick (via mobile-phone)

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" since many features people want depend on this we will certainly prioritize it at some point "

That was a year ago. Isn't the fact that many people want "many features" that depend on this a good enough reason to prioritise it NOW? UPnP/DLNA is mainstream, NOT niche market. And the lack of it is forcing Lima into the niche market category despite the incessant marketing drives.


Not sure on the terms, but is this the same as it being seen as a media server? I meant to add that as request.


UPnP/DNLA is a top priority for me and everyone I know who is waiting on the feature to be supported before they buy LIMA. I think this feature would bring 10s of 1000s of new customers since almost everyone has a smart TV or or TV box that does DNLA and almost everyone has some form of usb storage. No brainer that this would be a huge selling feature to give LIMA mass appeal.