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What is team lima's target date to implement multi-user & multi-lima functionality

Dear All @ team lima,

Multiuser and multilima are two key features that were promised during the campaign, albeit without a delivery date. Since things are moving along, now is the time to enquire about when these promised features will be delivered. (note I use linux, but of course this should be available on every supported platform, including linux).

One of the key use cases for me is to manage my family storage requirements, which means:

1st Lima in home A, 2nd Lima in home B - connected only via the Internet (no direct link).

Home A has users a, b, and c. Home B has users d, e and f.

Each user has their own access, their own folders, with their own encryption so no other user can read their files.

Lima A and Lima B are replicated to the identical, so if one fails (or more to the point one HD fails) the other Lima can be used by both homes seamlessly.

Users a, b and d share a folder encrypted with a key known to the three of them but not the same as any of the private keys. (any user can decide to create such a shared folder, keeping control of who has read or write access, the creator remains the admin of the folder - the owner of the lima device may enable or disable those features or limit quotas - but if enabled, the lima owner, if not one of the named users of that share, will not be able to access decrypted files on that share).

All users share a folder and encryption key to share files between themselves (another example of the case above).

Lastly any user can set-up a public folder that can be accessed from the net with control over subfoders to enable guests or other known users to deposit files in a given subfolder dedicated to them.

This last point could possibly do with expanding, (file size quotas, write only folders maybe...).

Anyhow I am very interested in the proposed timeline for these multi-user multi-lima features.

Best regards,


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I must say the fact that multi user is not available feels a little like bad marketing to me - or that I bought something that was not what was suggested by what I was reading. If multi-user isn't working then in what way is this like a personal cloud? Its a fast system of back up. I was encouraged by a user on another thread Desmond Lechner who said he was working on a work around. I sincerely hope the company is too or the web will soon be flooded with unhappy reviews.

On another note about marketing promising the world... I bought a big and a small Lima - but now can not find out to what advantage - I may end up using the small one for my wife until this multi user issue is solved. Seriously folks, I think your design team needs to watch your marketing to make sure they aren't prominsing things that will cause more harm than good.

As a tech company owner myself I hope these are helpful - don't want to spend my time just bitching but don't enjoy the feeling I was somewhat taken.


multi-user is the top of demands/proposal from clients or customers who hasn't decided yet they will buy. I will not buy 10 lima and 10 harddrives to have backup and storage for 5 family members.


We need multi-user support!!