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working with offline files


i ran into a problem tonight using lima and images od there.

I wanted to make a collage with images from my pictures folder and i looked through my folders and found around 8 pictures that i wanted to use. i clicked the pin icon to make them avaliable offline. I then entered my gallery expecting to find them there since they were offline - but no - 1 question how come offline files are not avaliable like other files - they are taking up the same space so why not just download them to a lima folder.

I then whent a head and tried to share the images one by one and wanted to download a copy to the phone - all atempts at this failed - 2 question why cant i download a copy to my phone.

I also got a strange error when trying to share a file that was avaliable offline "something whent wrong cant download the file" 3 question how come a file that is offline keep having to be downloaded when trying to use it or share it.

I must say that i am growing a little tired of using my lima - uploading files have been and still is a tedious task and now the above problems when i want to use my lima and the files on it

I will keep using my lima but i would love it if the app was changed to easyer to work in

jacob bak

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Lucky you that you received your Lima. I was told mine will arrive by end of Sept.....guess what? It's October and it hasn't even been shipped yet. Lima ignored my inquiry on my order status.


The device is pretty worthless. It does NOT work as designed. While a great idea, it is NOT ready for release. In my case, I had to uninstall and reinstall 4 times; have tech support delete my account and then re-establish it. After all that, I find that the files I move to Lima are moved to a "lima" folder on the PC's HDD and then they FAIL to upload to the Lima device. Therefore all they do is duplicate files from one part of your HDD to an encrypted version of them on another part of the same HDD. Worthless. A good paperweight.