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General > Access files via web/link

Under Consideration Elodie (. 4 months ago No Comments
290 votes

Multi-account > make Lima work for multiple users

Under Consideration Elodie (. Comments: 15 Reply 1 month ago by Gerhard W.
148 votes

Hard drive > Manage the hard drive connected to the Lima device

Under Consideration Carmen (. Comments: 21 Reply 2 months ago by thvig
112 votes

General > Slow experience: make Lima faster!

Under Consideration Karin (. Comments: 1 Reply 1 month ago by Matthew L.
98 votes

Support for media streaming - UPNP or DLNA

Under Consideration Richard C. Comments: 28 Reply 3 weeks ago by 1234chainsaw
91 votes

General > Add one or several Limas to my account (backup)

Completed Karin (. Comments: 21 Reply 4 months ago by Liam H.
78 votes

Linux Client

Completed Karin (. Linux Comments: 2 Reply 8 months ago by udalricus .
68 votes

File management capabilities for the Lima app

Under Consideration Mor K. iOS Comments: 12 Reply 1 month ago by Steve S.
61 votes

Per device Mobile Flow folder

Gathering feedback Martijn H. Android Comments: 21 Reply 1 week ago by `Valon
57 votes

Maintain original Date Modified property of Files

Gathering feedback Clint K. Comments: 36 Reply 2 months ago by thvig
55 votes
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